Caroline: Good coffee. But I usually take mine with a little more awkward silence.

Tyler: Nice try. You don't take anything with silence.

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You are my life.
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Okay AngyReynols you made a perfect video and gave me a lot of steroline feels but you know what you did just now? I did watch a lot of SC scenes over and over again and everytime I watch one of those scenes I notice something new. And this is what I get from your perfect video. Because your video is perfect, beyond perfect.

When Stefan talks to Lexi he doesn’t say, Elena was the one. Instead he questions What if Elena was the one? Like Why Stefan? Why? If you were soo madly in love and thought Elena was love of your life why are you questioning it? Why did you have a need to ask Lexi if she was the one? Why Stefan why? I’m going crazy over here! Why doubt? On the other hand Lexi didn’t even hesitate. She says “she was”. Do Lexi know you more than you? You know what, you knew Elena was just a journey and you knew you didn’t find the one yet. You knew if she was the one she wouldn’t choose your brother over you. You knew and you just couldn’t admit it to yourself! You didn’t have the courage to admit it! That’s why when Lexi said “She was” you were shocked, looked at her with shock!
Maybe I’m overthinking things. That video made me emotional. I know Stefan said Elena was love of his life. But was she the one?

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TVD meme - nine scenes
[1/9] Look at her! Look at her, Elena! It’s April. April Young. She’s not a warm body for you to feed on. She’s your friend.

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it’s only been a week and i already need more Steroline

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"A romance between Caroline and Stefan has been teased for several seasons, and fans will get to see that develop during season six."

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